Course Waivers

A student may seek waiver of a course or course requirement in one or more of these ways:

  1. A written or oral examination by a faculty member in the area in which competence is to be tested (with consent of instructor).
  2. Demonstration of skill, behavior, or other knowledge that clearly reveals mastery in the area in which competence is to be tested.
  3. A written recommendation from an outside authority recognized by the College (such as a licensed principal or superintendent), followed by a thorough review of the recommendation by a faculty member in the area in which competence is to be tested.

A course successfully waived is noted on the student’s Advising Transcript but does not appear on the Official Transcript. Lewis & Clark does not grant credit for courses waived.*

A waiver is different from transferring degree-applicable graduate credit from an accredited college or university into your academic program. If you wish to transfer credit, please complete the Petition for Transfer Credit.

A waiver is requested when you believe you possess the competencies listed for a particular course required for your program. If you believe taking a required course would duplicate previous efforts, you may petition for a waiver of coursework.

A waiver of requirement allows you to not take a required course and indicates you have met the course requirements and associated competencies that are associated with this course. However, a waiver does NOT alleviate the semester hour requirement associated with completing any degree. This statement does not apply to licensure only or endorsement students**.

To petition for a waiver:

  1. Complete the Petition for Waiver Form for each course you want to waive.
  2. Provide at least one of the following forms of documentation or justification for your petition:
    • Description, verification and a letter or reference of competency from work or life experience.
    • Video or audio tapes or portfolio demonstrating skills.
    • Evidence of training, workshops, etc., including information regarding content and instructor’s qualification that have provided you with competency.
  3. Submit completed form and supportive documentation to your academic advisor.

* (Students in licensure programs may petition Oregon’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission if they are dissatisfied with the denial of a request for waiver.)

**There is no limit to the number of courses that a student may petition to waive toward earning a license or endorsement; however, students must earn at least six semester hours of credit through a program at Lewis & Clark in order to be recommended by Lewis & Clark to the licensing agency or organization. 

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Course Waiver Form [PDF]