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Graduate Strategic Partnerships and Placements

School-Based Placement Process Overview

Our office works closely with faculty and our candidates to ensure a successful school-based placement.  We serve as the bridge between Lewis & Clark Graduate School and school districts, principals and teachers.  We have developed a process that will connect candidates with a strong mentor and help us maintain great working relationships with our colleagues in local schools.

While there are variations in this process across different school-based programs, the general steps are as follows: 

1) The Office of Graduate Strategic Partnerships and Placements (Placement Office) requests information from each candidate prior to placement. 

2) The Placement Office works with department and program faculty to seek out placements that best fit candidate’s needs based on each candidate’s educational goals. 

3) The Placement Office submits formal requests to schools and brokers any requests for interviews or other communication between candidates and schools/districts/principals. 

Note: Candidates should rely on this process and avoid making their own requests directly with a teacher/principal/school/district. 



Graduate Strategic Partnerships and Placements

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