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Partnerships and Clinical Placement

Agency-Based Placement Process Overview

Many students will begin their agency-based placement experience by working in the Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center, where we offer direct service to the community and intensive training, supervision, and education to counselor and therapist trainees from all programs. 

Students are responsible for seeking out an outside agency to work with for their internship experience. All placements must be approved by the program to ensure that the site meets training expectations and is a good fit for the individual student. Selecting an internship site is one of the most important decisions students make during their professional preparation. Most students find it helpful to discuss their options with their advisors well in advance of the actual search for a site.

Every Fall, an Internship Fair is held on campus to aid the process in seeking an internship. At this event, representatives from prospective sites are available for describing their sites and the opportunities available there.

 Please contact the CPSY office for more information about this process. 

Partnerships and Clinical Placement

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