Why Lewis & Clark?

Why Lewis & Clark?

Lewis & Clark graduate students are agents of change, committed to serving others. Our dedicated faculty and mission-driven programs will prepare you for a career that can transform lives, sustain communities, and help lead to a more just society.

  • Jamila Dozier

    “I chose to pursue a degree in Student Affairs to work towards mitigating barriers to higher education for low-income students of color.”

    Jamila Dozier ’18

  • Kelsey Miller

    “I chose Lewis & Clark specifically for the social justice focus. Even the application process seemed to put so many social justice concepts into play especially re: gender identity and pronouns.”

    Kelsey Miller ’20

  • Natasha Digges

    “Growing up I never had a teacher who looked like me. It’s made me realize that going into the field of education, working with diverse populations is my driving force.”

    Natasha Digges, Elementary Education with ESOL