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Scholarship Application Process

Scholarships for new M.A.T. preservice students do not require separate application. Faculty will review admissions applications and recommend applicants for specific scholarships. Applications received by the published application deadline will be considered for scholarships. Financial need as determined by a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information is considered when awarding scholarships.

How to Be Considered for M.A.T. Preservice Program Scholarships

1. Submit your application and all supporting materials by December 1, 2013.

2. Submit your FAFSA by February 1, 2014. Some scholarships are need-based. The FAFSA information is used to determine eligibility.


Lewis & Clark offers a variety of scholarships for prospective teachers. Scholarships amounts, based on endowment earnings and other external influences, generally range from $500 to $6,000. The graduate school does not offer any full cost scholarships.

Mary V. and Broughton H. Bishop Teacher Education Scholarship
Awarded annually to a new or continuing student based on financial need and/or exceptional promise in the field of education.

Laurie W. and Paul M. Copley Annual Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a new or continuing student enrolled in the Social Studies endorsement program. Financial need is considered.

The Donna C. Dermond Scholarship
Donna Dermond received an M.A.T. in Language Arts in 1989 and has a deep commitment to supporting higher education for students pursuing graduate studies in education. This scholarship is awarded annually to a new or continuing student pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Lewis & Clark.who demonstrates honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, and an overall high standard of personal conduct. Financial need is considered when awarding this scholarship.

Far West Fibers, Inc. Math/Science Scholarship
Awarded to a new, entering student who intends to teach Math or Science at the Middle or High School level. Candidates should have a record of committed and service to low income, recently immigrated, Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S. and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Viola M. and James C. Gale Scholarship (Teacher Education)
The Viola M. and James C. Gale Scholarship is awarded to a new student entering the M.A.T. preservice program.This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need and who demonstrate the personal character traits of honesty, friendliness, loyalty, perseverance, an overall high standard of personal conduct, and a minimum academic GPA of 3.0. Faculty will determine the recipient. Scholarship information will be emailed to continuing students.

Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Awarded to a student who is a member of a currently or historically under-represented racial or ethnic group, or an individual who has demonstrated significant commitment to serving racially or ethnically diverse populations.

Helen E. Holt Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to one student newly admitted to the M.A.T. preservice program who demonstrates an intention to serve diverse student populations, possess a strong academic background and shows potential as a future teacher.

Kurkinen Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Dorothy Kurkinen for students “who are getting their degrees after a lengthy hiatus.” Her goal was to help students attain advanced education, despite the complications of adult life in a complex world. This scholarship is awarded to one new, entering M.A.T. student.

Mary Stuart Rogers Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to new, entering M.A.T. preservice students whose outstanding academic achievements are complemented by qualities of leadership, dedication, integrity, compassion, sensitivity, and self-discipline. A minimum academic GPA of 3.2 is required.

Carol D. Dimich Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually to a currently enrolled nontraditional M.A.T. preservice student, this scholarship was established in memory of Carol D. Dimich who was a graduate student in education at Lewis & Clark at the time of her death. Application information is distributed to current students during the Fall semester.

The Renaissance Foundation Scholarship and Loan Repayment Assistance Program for Teachers
This program is to support first-generation college students in Lewis & Clark’s M.A.T. program. Recipients of the scholarship are also eligible to receive funds after graduation to support repayment of student loans. Eligible candidates complete an application process for this program. Click here for more information, eligibility requirements, and the application form.

Teacher Education Diversity Scholarships
These scholarships address the critical need for increasing ethnic diversity and a strong commitment to serving diverse student populations within the Northwest. Individuals newly accepted into the M.A.T. preservice program who are from ethnic minority backgrounds and/or who have demonstrated significant commitment to serving diverse student populations are eligible for consideration.

James M. Wallace Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to an individual newly accepted into the M.A.T. preservice program who demonstrates a commitment to the progressive philosophy that places students at the center of learning (according to the theories of educators such as John Dewey and Maria Montessori). The scholarship is intended for a student with a strong academic background and from a working class or low income background.

Wind Moore Annual Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a student demonstrating financial need and gives preference to students pursuing studies in teacher education.

NOTE: New students may be awarded only one Lewis & Clark sponsored M.A.T. preservice scholarship.


Additional Scholarship and Grant Information

External Scholarships

Lewis & Clark’s Financial Aid Office web site includes information about external scholarship opportunities.

Oregon School Personnel Association Scholarship
The Oregon School Personnel Association is offering a scholarship to an Oregon resident who is in a program leading to a teaching license and is attending an Oregon college or university. 

Troops to Teachers
The Troops to Teachers program is for retiring military and Reserve Component personnel beginning new careers as teachers. The program provides financial assistance in terms of stipends and bonuses for qualified personnel. For more information visit the program website.

Federal TEACH Grant
The Federal TEACH Grant provides up to $4000 per year for students intending to teach in teacher shortage fields (Math, Science, Foreign Language, Bilingual education, English language acquisition, Special education, Reading Specialist) at low income schools. Upon accepting a Federal TEACH Grant, students incur a service obligation to teach full-time for 4 years in a teacher shortage field at a low-income school. Students who fail to fulfill their service obligation will see their Federal TEACH Grant converted to a Federal Unsubsidized Direct loan with interest accrued from the point the grant was initially disbursed.

Preservice MAT students in the Math and Science cohorts as well as inservice MEd students in ESOL, and Special Education are eligible to apply for the Federal TEACH Grant. Students in other cohorts whose career plan would allow them to fulfill the required service obligation may petition to participate. For more information and to start the application process, visit the Federal TEACH Grant information page.

Scholarship Search sites
There are scholarship sites which are worth exploring for additional options  The Financial Aid Office’s Online Scholarship Resources page lists several Internet resources including online scholarship search engines, scholarship foundation websites, and general information about scholarships and financial aid.