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  • Rebecca Macy, MA
    February 1
    Rebecca Macy shares experiences as a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology: Community Counseling program (Lewis & Clark College) that contributed to her developing a stronger sense of purpose within the counseling field.  She reflects on the mutual impact of environment/culture and her personal growth. Rebecca describes some of her short term goals, all of which are harmonious with her overall sense of mission and values.  When you read Rebecca’s story you’ll sense her zest for life, her openness and her compassionate commitment to helping others worldwide.
  • Latisha Brown, M.A.   Counseling Psychology:  Community Counseling
    January 24
    Latisha Brown shares her recent journey, entering graduate school and learning to balance multiple life roles.  She shares her personal and professional growth throughout her graduate course work and internship. Unforeseen bonuses are the lifelong friendships she developed through her time at Lewis and Clark and at her internship.  An unplanned pregnancy presented some added challenges during her internship, but she received the necessary support from family and friends, from L&C, from her internship, and from her faith in God.  It is with great joy that she summarizes this year: completion of a Masters degree, a new baby boy and a new job that she loves (despite the tough economy).
  • Student Dave Dalton and Alum Catie Dalton
    November 14
    Dave Dalton describes his professional journey and includes news about Catie Dalton, an LC Education alum.  After graduating from Counseling Psychology in December 2010, Dave will join his wife who is already teaching in Nigeria. Also both have done long bicycling treks, including one 4,000 miles endeavor.
  • Gabriele Smith, MA,LMHC, NCC
    July 5
    Gabriele Smith describes her professional journey from growing up in a family of social service professionals to her current endeavors in her private practice as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Heidi Jolson, MA, LPC
    June 15
    Heidi Jolson describes her career and the path she took toward her current life as a professional counselor and as a mother of a toddler.
  • June 7
    This article shares stories for those considering career changes after age 40.
  • Student Spotlight:  Anne Mungai
    May 19
    Anne Mungai of Kenya, a CPSY graduate student, recently learned she is a 2010-2011 recipient of an AAUW fellowship.  She shares her motivation, faith, values and family support, all of which are part of her journey to the Graduate School of Education and Counseling, a critical step toward attaining her professional goals.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Karin Chuang, MA
    April 12
    Alumni Karin Chuang shares her professional journey from her undergraduate years through her current life as a mother and as a therapist in private practice.
  • Alumni Spotlight: Kendra Morris-Jacobson, MA
    February 13
    Kendra Morris-Jacobson, 1994 CPSY graduate, shares highlights of her career as a mental health professional. Her internship at an outpatient psychiatry clinic led to her 1st position offering individual, family & group counseling to depressed & suicidal youth. Following the birth of her children she shifted to a PT position with Boys and Girls Aid, a 125 year old social services agency. Kendra talks about her work in foster care adoption.
  • January 30
    The six-page article spends considerable time focusing on the work of Associate Professor of ecopsychology Thomas Doherty. Doherty will be teaching courses in Ecotherapy through our Center for Community Engagement.
  • January 12
    Employment of counselors is expected to grow faster than average. Job openings should exceed the number of counseling program graduates, especially in rural areas. Projected growth varies by specialty. Jobs for mental health counselors should grow by 24%. Managed care & insurance systems increasingly provide for reimbursement of counselors as less costly than psychiatrists/psychologists. Also demand for mental health services has increased as individuals become more willing to seek help.
  • January 5
    As the field matures, the number of marriage and family therapists has surged. And demand is expected to increase in the future, with employment in this profession rising 14 percent from 2008 to 2018.
  • December 15
    (Counseling Today) 11.22.09 Five ACA members offer their unique worldviews on the practice of counseling internationally: Venezuela, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Tanzania and Czech Republic, Ireland
  • Student Spotlight:  Holly Shumway
    September 10
    Holly Shumway, a student in our Community Counseling program, shares what it’s like to be a graduate student who is also a wife and mother in a busy family of lifelong learners.  Her delightful narrative indicates what attitudes and qualities are important to her as she becomes a counseling professional.
  • Stacey Hatch, MA., MFT, LPC, LMFT, CADCII 2006 Masters in Counseling Psychology (Specialization i...
    August 18
    Educational and professional background of a 2006 CPSY alumnus who is now in private practice full time offering mental health counseling and addiction treatment.  She offers advice for graduates who are working toward licensure as and Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • August 5

    “Understanding the effects of unemployment on mental health requires consideration of the interactions among gender,family responsibilities,and social class.” 

  • June 2
    Cate Drinan, an alumna of the Counseling Psychology Department, shares her fond memories & rewarding career supporting & advocating for families, parents & children.
  • November 15
    Her first language? Sign! Fluent in sign language. Has a multiracial heritage. Is a mother & life partner. Works at two jobs. Also is an MCFT graduate student.
    CPSY Diversity Scholarship Recipient. She says others can do it, too!
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