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  • December 10
    Distinguished Alumnus Award

    Between 1991 and 2013, Thomas Neff proposed, created, and shepherded the Megatons to Megawatts Program, a $17 billion deal under which Russia destroyed more than 20,000 nuclear weapons, recycling the bomb-grade uranium into fuel for U.S. nuclear power plants.  The deal eliminated a third of the global nuclear arsenal and prevented proliferation from a dangerously bankrupt Soviet weapons program.
  • February 1
    Donald G. Balmer Citation
    Ray Warren ’65, M.A.T. ’71 once wrote, “My vision is to do something positive with my life to improve race relations in the Portland community, to leave this a better world.” The late associate dean of students and director of ethnic student services at Lewis & Clark College succeeded on both counts.
  • February 1
  • February 1


  • Frederick Gerhardt B.M., now retired, spent most of his career as a choral music teacher at Hillsboro High School. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1988 but reports that he has “been fortunate in dealing with that disease.” He is married to Denise Gerhardt, who formerly worked in Lewis & Clark’s music department.

  • James Kawashima B.A. and Melvia Kawashima CAS ’65 are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They live in Honolulu.

  • Ronda Stilley Kotelchuck B.S. worked for two years in the civil rights movement after graduating from Lewis & Clark; earned an M.A. in city planning from Cornell; and then moved to New York City in 1970, where she and husband Dave Kotelchuck still live. They raised two daughters, and Ronda pursued a career in health care policy, planning, and administration. She currently runs the Primary Care Development Corporation, a non- profit dedicated to making high-quality primary and preventive care available to those in underserved communities. She notes, “I love hearing from and about all those early friends with whom we shared such formative years!”

  • Terry Faw B.S. reports, “Not yet having become tired, it’s hard to retire.” He and his wife, Dinah Ladizinsky-Faw, live on 40 acres outside Rainier, Oregon, with a beautiful view of Mount St. Helens. They keep busy with three acres of blueberries, lingonberries, a small orchard, and a jam business. Faw continues to serve as an executive coach for a select group of clients. The couple enjoys traveling to Seattle, San Diego, and Phoenix to visit family. And there is still time to participate in a variety of Lewis & Clark alumni events. They look forward to the 50th class reunion: “Hope to see all of you there.”

  • C. Allen Neighorn B.A. recently visited Lewis & Clark. He was amazed by all the changes on campus but reports that “it still feels completely L&C.” Neighorn is rebuilding a 1916 craftsman-style home and is working toward a Ph.D. He looks forward to the June reunion and hopes to reestablish old friendships and start some new ones.

  • Patricia Norstrom BS ’65, July 3, 2015, age 72.

  • Peter G. Mathews ’65, April 8, 2015, age 72. Mathews earned his dental degree in 1969 and opened a private practice that same year in San Francisco. In 1977, he relocated to Tiburon, California, where he worked until retiring in 2000. He was married to Leslie Davis. Survivors include his wife and two sons, Ryan and Jeff.

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