Mikhail Filarski

Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions
Arizona, California (see county list), Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Utah, Virginia

Additional Information

615 S. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503-768-7834
Email: mfilarski@lclark.edu

Hometown: Walnut, CA - a small city in Los Angeles County!

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite place on campus is the reflecting pool! Whether you’re looking over the reflecting pool towards Mount Hood or catching the reflection of the Frank Manor House from the opposite side, the reflecting pool looks great from any angle.

Little-known fact about me: My favorite place to go when I visit home is The Huntington. The property, originally known as the San Marino Ranch, was once owned by Henry Edwards Huntington. Today it consists of 120 acres of botanical gardens and an extensive art collection. (My favorite piece of art at The Huntington is “Pinkie” painted by Thomas Lawrence in 1794, and my favorite garden at The Huntington is the Chinese Garden.)

Piece of advice for students in the college search process: If you’re able, visit colleges in person (at least your top 3 or 4); if you’re not able to travel, then contact a counselor, current student or alum. Don’t be bashful about asking questions, and be honest with yourself and others about what you do and don’t want in your college experience. Meet with as many students as possible so you get an idea of the full spectrum of experiences at a college. Find your right fit!

Favorite place to spend time in Portland: My favorite place to spend time in Portland is the Portland Art Museum. They’ve got a ton of really unique art and also host special exhibits from time to time. My favorite exhibit was “The Art, Science, and Wonder of LAIKA”, showcasing art from some of my favorite movies.

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want these three things: 1) a radio that plays all of my favorite music, 2) a dog that lives forever, 3) I would want it to be a dessert island instead of a desert island

If I didn’t work in Admissions, I would be: Working at a local pizza place. I love making pizza but like eating it even more! If I could only eat pizza for the rest of my life I probably would, as long as I could change the topping combinations every time.

P.S. Pineapple does not belong on pizza unless it’s accompanied by Canadian bacon or jalapeños.