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Educational Leadership

Kevin Wright

Institution: University of Vermont

Title: Area Coordinator for Living Learning Complex


1. What drew you to L&C?


I had never heard of Lewis and Clark College. I had applied to other programs, but was not fortunate to obtain admission into the program with an assistantship that paid for everything. Additionally, I was looking for programs that had an emphasis on leadership and social justice. When I attended the NASPA conference in Baltimore, MD, I connected with Dr. Gonzales at a session she was co-presenting and she told me about the program at L&C. After submitting my application, I was admitted, received an assistantship, and the rest is history.


2. Most memorable moment from your classroom so far?


One memorable moment I have from the classroom was when my cohort learned the word “dearth” when we all had the assignment of writing a literature review.  I find myself using that word on occasion in my writing, and have retained other academic jargon to articulate my thoughts and ideas in various spaces.


3. How do you plan on using what you are learning in the SAA Program?


Because of this program, I have a better understanding of advocating for students, developing intentional relationships with colleagues, and mastering one of my passions, which is leadership development and education.


4. What is the most important thing you learned at Lewis & Clark that you are already putting into practice outside of the classroom?


The most important thing I learned was how to navigate through difficult and uncomfortable spaces, while maintaining my personal values.


5. Has anything changed since you began?


My way of thinking has expanded, which has helped me navigate through my current doctoral program in Professional Leadership, Inquiry, and Transformation.  I have developed an appreciation for academic reading, and have a full-time job where I can help students discover their strengths from a restorative practices approach.