Alexia de León

Assistant Professor and PMHC-A Program Co-Director

Dr. de León currently serves as co-director of the Professional Mental Health Counseling-Addictions Specialization program. She is also the Director of Lewis & Clark’s Latino Problem Gambling Services. Her clinical experience includes working with adolescents and families struggling with substance abuse, as well as working with college-aged students and athletes struggling with a myriad of mental health concerns. She currently provides culturally responsive supervision to Latino Problem Gambling Services and works with problem gamblers and their families at Lewis & Clark’s Problem Gambling Services. Her research interests include: cross-cultural supervision and support for Latina supervisors, integrating contemplative practices into learning environments to foster social justice learning and the intersection of communities of color and addictions counseling.

She has taught many courses in the professional mental health counseling realm including: Mental Health Counseling Foundations, Intro to Professional Mental Health Counseling-Addictions and Social Justice, Practicum and Internship, Drugs, Brain and Behavior, Social Justice and Diversity and Models of Addiction and Recovery. She recently began teaching the elective titled Pre-Practicum in Community Engagement where she was able to implement service learning projects, which is another area of interest for her. She utilizes an anti-oppressive pedagogy named Sentipensante in all of her classes. This pedagogy incorporates contemplative practices, such as mindfulness meditation and other practices, as a way to help ground students and liberate them from past experiences of oppression (Rendón, 2009).

Dr. de León is a first-generation college student and therefore recognizes the value in mentoring relationships for other first-generation college students. As a 2016 NBCC Minority Fellowship Program Doctoral Fellow, Dr. de León continues to mentor students and new professionals in the counseling profession. She is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating better access to education among other resources for marginalized communities.


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