Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho

Assistant Professor

Rogers Hall 306, MSC: 84

Personal Statement

I bring a critical analytical approach that is informed by intentionally living in the margins, liminal spaces and standing in the gaps as acts of activism and resistance or, Black Activist Mothering. This way of both living and modeling intersectional analysis adds rigor and authenticity to the ways in which I  teach and learn about inequitable issues and practices in PreK-20. I engage this work through the lens of disparate discipline practice. A national phenomenon that is indeed insidious and a grave demonstration of interlocking systemic, structural and historical mechanisms that deliver injustice and inequity. Through the lens of disparate discipline, I am learning how leadership preparation can be enhanced to include what I name as Community-centered Educational Leadership. A form of leadership preparation and development where candidates are prepared to center community knowledge in order to create critical networks to improve complex problems of practice in schools. I pull from the following methodologies to design and teach this work: critical race methodologies, culturally responsive restorative justice and Black feminist intersectional analysis.


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Academic Credentials

Ed.D - Duquesne University

MA - Eastern Mennonite University

Location: Rogers Hall