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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)

Amy Drill

Art Director


Years at L&C: 22

My Job: I have the pleasure of collaborating with my talented colleagues in PubCom to help staff (and sometimes faculty) across all three schools develop materials that essentially recruit students and raise money. I focus on the design and production aspects of the projects. Most of the things I work on are realized in print publications, but I also art direct for other media. I coordinate and art direct photography and manage logo usage for the institution.

Diversions: Reading, calligraphy, gardening, knitting, playing cards, experimenting with printmaking, travel, listening to audiobooks (my commute takes more than an hour each way), watching movies (especially romantic comedies with happy endings), going to Afternoon Tea, eating chocolate.

Passion: My family—husband Darin and daughter Faith—our parents, siblings, cousins, etc. … they are our social life and we love it.

Fall activity that I need to get back to: Soup Sunday. We decided to be more outgoing and host a Sunday dinner each week (or nearly each week). We’ve tried several new soups, mastered a wonderful and incredibly easy homemade bread recipe to accompany the soup (happy to share, send me an email), and enjoyed lots of good company. It’s turned out to be low stress and very enjoyable. It makes me stretch because I tend to be shy socially, and I prefer baking over cooking.

Current audiobook: “Before You Know Kindness” by Chris Bohjalian

Current analogbooks: “For the Benefit of Those Who See” by Rosemary Mahoney, “Quentin Blake: In the Theatre of Imagination: An Artist at Work” by Ghislaine Kenyon, “The Fiery Cross” by Diana Gabaldon

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Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom)


Amy Drill’s office is located in McAfee.


voice 503-768-7973

Amy Drill Art Director

Public Affairs and Communications Lewis & Clark 0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road MSC 19 Portland OR 97219 USA