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Counseling Psychology

Rick Berman

Instructor and Director of Problem Gambling Services

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Rogers Hall

Rick Berman has been training and supervising mental health and addictions counselors for 20 years. In recent years his work has focused more specifically on problem gambling. He has given presentations at national problem gambling conferences in Canada and the United States. Currently he is Director of Lewis & Clark Problem Gambling Services, a community clinic that offers treatment services for problem gamblers and their family members. He is also an instructor for the Gambling Counselor Pre-Certification Courses co-sponsored by Problem Gambling Services of the Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Council on Problem Gambling, and the Professional Mental Health Counseling–Addictions Program at Lewis & Clark.

Before joining the Lewis & Clark faculty, Rick worked in private practice as a psychotherapist and as an administrator in community mental health settings in urban and rural Oregon, including as Senior Director of Clinical Services at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare in Portland and Coordinator of Adult Mental Health Services for Lincoln County Health & Human Services in Newport.

Personal Statement

Today, to be an effective counselor in almost any setting, a clinician needs skills and knowledge in both mental health and addictions counseling. I see my role as helping students develop those skills, acquire that knowledge, and learn how to integrate the understanding of mental health conditions and addiction. I encourage students to develop a holistic view of the individuals who will come to them for help. Individual psychology is best viewed through the multiple lenses of class, culture, family, biology and physical health, and social and personal history.

Areas of Expertise

Problem gambling, problem online gaming, substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health and addictive disorders, trauma recovery, feedback-informed treatment, program development


  • National Conference on Problem Gambling (Scheduled for July, 2016) “Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Relational Models Into Problem Gambling Treatment,” co-presenter with Teresa McDowell.
  • National Conference on Problem Gambling (July, 2015) “Recognizing Connection: Efforts To Integrate Problem Gambling Into Alcohol & Drug Treatment,” co-presenter with Alicia Bartz.
  • National Conference on Problem Gambling (July, 2014) “Feedback-Informed Treatment: Reducing Dropouts, Improving Outcomes.”
  • Northwest Institute of Addiction Studies (July, 2014) “Gambling Machines, Capitalism & the Brain: Why Some People Can’t Stop Gambling.”
  • Lewis & Clark Center for Community Engagement (June, 2014) “Working with Substance-Abusing Trauma Survivors: An Introduction to Seeking Safety.

Academic Credentials

M.A. 1992 Lewis & Clark College

B.A. 1971 University of Pennsylvania

45.445122971482; -122.671580079346