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Counseling Psychology

Jeffrey Kyle Christensen

Assistant Professor

Rogers Hall

Personal Statement

Whether you are considering or have committed to a career in counseling, congratulations are in order! The life of a counselor is an esteemed one, filled with meaningful exchanges and purpose.  Working with youth and families around suicide, I learned lessons on gratitude and was afforded new perspectives on life, that I am truly better for.  I very much hope that your journey will provide the same.  Regardless of whether you choose to pursue an education at Lewis and Clark (though I hope you do) I encourage you to enjoy it. Enjoy this process, complete with its rewards and challenges, its apexes and valleys.  Because it is through this process that we grow and become the counselors we are meant to be.

Areas of Expertise

Substance Abuse/Dependence, Suicide, At-Risk Youth, Supervision (Practicum/Internship), Counseling Student Retention Policies/Evaluation, Counselor Burnout, Spirituality, Wellness

Current Research

Spirituality, Survivors of Suicide, Student Retention/Remediation Policies, Global Considerations in Counseling, Video Games, Fostering Counselor Wellness


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  • Dickerman, C., Christensen, J., Kerl-McClain, S., (2008). Big Breasts and Bad Guys: Depictions of Gender and Race in Video Games. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, Vol 3, 1, 21-29


  • Christensen, J., & Surmitis, K. A (November 2014).  Teaching Spirituality in a Graduate Counseling Course: Encouraging Buy-In and Rolling with Resistance.  Western Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Anaheim: California

  • Christensen, J., (April 2013). Reconstructing the System: When a Family Loses a Member to Suicide. International Congress: Association of Martial and Family Therapists, Slovenia: Ljubljana
  • Christensen, J., (May 2012).  How Counselors Make Meaning From Losing a Client to Suicide.  Counseling and Psychotherapy Postgraduate Conference, Edinburgh: Scotland, United Kingdom

Academic Credentials

Ph.D. 2015 The College of William & Mary; M.A. 2007 Lewis & Clark College; B.S. Washington State University