Douglas Newell

Edmund O. Belsheim Professor of Law Emeritus

Legal Research Center 235


Professor Newell served as a clerk in 1965-66 to the Honorable William Byrne, U.S. District Court. In private practice in Los Angeles and Glendale, California, from 1966 to 1971, he represented many large and small corporations, including banks and surety companies, and specialized in business and commercial law and civil litigation. He is a member of the California and Oregon State Bars.

On his most recent sabbatical he served as a consultant to a Las Vegas law firm which specializes in entertainment and intellectual property matters.

He is a six time winner of the Leo Levenson Award for excellence in teaching.

Specialty Areas and Course Descriptions

Academic Credentials

  • BA 1962 Pomona College
  • JD 1965 Harvard University Law School
  • Member, Phi Beta Kappa


Separately Published Works


Works Published As Part of a Collection

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