Mark Figueroa

Mark Figueroa

Assistant Professor; Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning

Frank Manor House, MSC: 37

Mark Figueroa is the Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Planning at Lewis & Clark. In this role, he oversees the institutional research and accreditation functions of the college. Turning data into useful information that can help guide decision makers is one of the goals of his office, along with monitoring critical data indicators. Helping Lewis & Clark develop and create a culture of evidence and informed decision-making is a what guides his work. Figueroa serves as a member of Executive Council and is also as an ex officio member of the Athletics Advisory Board and co-chaired the Strategic Planning Council for the Journey Forward, Lewis & Clark’s strategic plan for 2020 and beyond. In addition, he serves as an assistant defensive coach for the Pioneers football team.

Prior to joining Lewis & Clark, Figueroa served as the Director of Assessment, Planning and Institutional Research at Scripps College. He also served as co-chair for the college’s diversity committee and oversaw the institution’s emergency preparedness program. At Scripps, he taught a course on  the cultural politics of hip hop and also taught courses on diversity and student development at Claremont Graduate University.

Figueroa’s entry into the world of higher education research and planning started as a result of work in a student transition program at Arizona State University. There he began working on assessment and evaluation and soon found himself as a founding director of institutional research at two different institutions. A proud child of the hip hop generation, he brings the framework of that culture—improvisation, creativity, and innovation—to his work in higher education, all aspects he feels are necessary to move higher education into its next phase.

Figueroa will again teach courses on his evolving field for the M.A. in Student Affairs Administration program. “There’s probably more of a demand for it now than there has been in the past,” he said, “because of the increased amount of accountability.” His courses will cover governance, equity and diversity, foundations and assessment and planning.

Personal Statement

Institutional research acts as a hub in higher education institutions, bringing historically siloed areas together. We get to help people frame questions, identify opportunities, and determine whether solutions are having expected impacts.

Areas of Expertise

Institutional research, strategic planning, equity and diversity, student access and success, quantitative and qualitative research methods, program evaluation and assessment

Academic Credentials

PhD Claremont Graduate University, M.P.A.  Arizona State University, BA University of California at Riverside

Location: Frank Manor House