Danielle Torres

Associate Professor

Rogers Hall 307, MSC: 98

Danielle is a faculty member of the School Counseling Program. Before joining Lewis & Clark, she taught at the school counseling program at Pacific University. She has experience as a counselor in schools at all grade levels and with various school-based programs, including work with teen parents and at-risk students. She completed internships at Columbia University and UC Santa Barbara and is active in several professional organizations. She has also conducted research in schools with a focus on academic resiliency and collaborative school relationships and continues to consult with local schools and districts. 

Her favorite aspect of her role as a faculty member is mentoring students and providing a stimulating and inclusive place to learn. Her professional interests include addressing K-12 educational and counseling issues affecting students of color, particularly Latino students; strengthening the family/home/school connection; addressing equity and social justice issues in education and; K-12 college and career development for students.

Personal Statement

“My favorite thing to hear from students on graduation day is “I feel prepared”. And that is my goal—to prepare students not only with the knowledge and skills to be an effective school counselor, but to prepare students to recognize strengths, to have empathy in all situations, and to give a voice to those whose voice is not being heard. Most of all, I want students to feel prepared for their role as a caring adult in the lives of the children they work with.”

Areas of Expertise

Educational Research, Assessment, & Technology; Social Justice & Diversity; Internship; Meeting Counseling Needs of Diverse Populations in Schools; Trauma-Informed Work in Schools; Increasing Academic Resiliency; Strengthening Family & School Connections; Post-Secondary College & Career Development for First Generation & Students of Color; School-Based Research Evaluation and Consultation


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Academic Credentials

PhD 2003, University of Oregon, MA 1997, BA 1995 Pepperdine University

Location: Rogers Hall