Linda Christensen

Instructor and Director of the Oregon Writing Project

Rogers 106, MSC: 14

Linda Christensen is the Director of the Oregon Writing Project (OWP), located in the Graduate School of Education at Lewis & Clark College. The OWP is part of the National Writing Project network, the oldest and largest professional development project in the United States. Linda is the author of Reading, Writing, and Rising Up: Teaching about Social Justice and the Power of the Written Word, Teaching for Joy and Justice: Re-Imagining the Language Arts Classroom. She has co-edited several books, including The New Teacher Book Finding Purpose, Balance, and Hope During Your First Years in the Classroom and Rethinking School Reform: Views from the Classroom. She has given keynote addresses at local, national, and international conferences about her work on literacy and social justice. She taught high school Language Arts and worked as Language Arts Curriculum Specialist for thirty years in Portland, Oregon. She is a member of the Rethinking Schools editorial board. She has received numerous awards, including the Fred Heschinger Award for use of research in teaching and writing from National Writing Project and the U.S. West Outstanding Teacher of Western United States and most recently, the Humanitarian Award from Willamette Writers. 

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Finding Joy and Justice in the Classroom

Linda talks about her book, Teaching for Joy and Justice, and what it means to create space for teachers to be intellectuals and artists in the classroom.


Personal Statement

“I attempt to keep my vision—and hope—alive by participating in critical teaching groups. These groups help me think more carefully about social justice issues inside as well as outside of the classroom, from literacy practices to top-down curricular policies. Our sometimes-heated discussions about articles, books, and curriculum hone my ability to evaluate my work. I carry these voices—and the solidarity of these teachers—like a Greek chorus in my mind. They remind me to question and sometimes to defy those in authority when I’m told to participate in practices that harm children. They nettle me when I fall into easy patterns and point out when I deliver glib answers to difficult problems.”

Current Research

Linda’s current research is focused on building academic confidence and competence with struggling readers and writers. She is also continuing her research the issues of teaching and social justice.


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Academic Credentials

MEd 1981 University of Portland, BA 1973 Humboldt State University

Location: Rogers Hall