Rebecca F.

Rebecca Danaelle Francois

UWC attended: United World College Robert Bosch College (Germany)
Class Year: Class of 2028

Hello! I am Rebecca Danaelle, but I prefer when they call me May. If I had to talk about what I enjoyed the most at UWC Robert Bosch, it could take me more than a day to list everything that amazed me. But I’ll keep it short. Coming from all corners of the world, RBC hosted strangers who became a single family “RBC Kids” in no time. The community there was exceptional; I felt at home, in my place, despite the kilometers that separated me from my home country, Haiti. Being part of this community allowed me to explore new facets of my life and discover my limits and abilities.
Outside of class, I like dancing, cooking, and chatting with people about interesting topics. I fell in love with Afro-dance and kompa, but I would also like to learn other styles. What attracted me to Lewis and Clark was the green campus reminiscent of a place I loved for two years, the RBC campus, and immediately I knew I would send my application to this college.
I plan to major in political science and government or international affairs because I want to become a good leader and set a good example for the youth in my country. It may sound crazy, but I would like to become president of my country, or rather the second female president if someone else doesn’t do it before me. I hope my time at Lewis and Clark will leave me with many good and sweet memories.