Lina Masenga

Lina Gileard Masenga

UWC attended: United World College East Africa - Moshi Campus
Class Year: Class of 2028

Hello, My name is Lina Masenga, I am from Tanzania, I graduated from UWC East Africa and I had an amazing experience there. What I cherished most about my UWC experience was having a multicultural community. I got to know more about different cultures and my culture too. At UWC, I embraced my cultural identity by participating in various activities, such as cultural nights, which allowed me to celebrate and share my traditions with others. The strong sense of community and inclusivity at UWC made it a truly special place for me.

I heard about Lewis & Clark from a college visit which happened in school and loved everything I learned about it including the welcoming environment, academics and its commitment to inclusivity. I am planning to major in Biology as I aspire to pursue a career in medicine. The college’s supportive atmosphere makes it an ideal place for me to achieve my academic goals. Outside the classroom, I have various interests that keep me engaged. Dancing is a passion of mine, providing both a fun and energetic way to stay active. I also like reading novels as it gets me to explore different worlds and perspectives. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with friends.

I like traveling, and one of the most memorable experiences was my visit to Sweden. This journey significantly broadened my horizons and opened my mind to new ways of thinking. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to visit many places yet, I am eager to explore more of the world. In particular, I am excited about the prospect of experiencing life in the United States. I look forward to immersing myself in a new lifestyle, engaging with diverse communities, and exploring all the unique aspects of American culture.