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Jan Glenn


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Rogers Hall

As a child, I always wanted to be an artist. After several years of eye-opening art experiences during adolescence at the Art Students’ league in New York City, and even more enlivening art study as an undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley, I landed a job at the N.Y. Metropolitan Museum of Art’s lively public relations office. Over several years, as I grew more accustomed to working with people in this rich and multifaceted milieu, I participated more and more frequently in the museum’s eduational programs. I became increasingly aware of the value of the arts in education, and headed off to Stanford University to become a teacher. The next 25 years of my life were spent in secondary art classrooms. During this time, I also helped start an alternative elementary school, where I became the art specialist and teacher.

In 1996, I became an adjunct at Lewis & Clark, and, given this responsibility, plus my growing interest in writing and illustrating children’s books, my secondary teaching was gradually pared down. I developed more connections in the children’s book world, participating and presenting several times in the Haystack Children’s Book Illustration summer conference thru PSU, and became an active participant the the Salem Artist in the Schools Program.

Now, as a half-time staff member of Lewis & Clark’s Graduate faculty, I harken back to my roots as an excited teenager drawing models in New York City. I can only hope to “draw out” that same passion in others through the various classes that I have been given the honor of teaching.

In 2004-05 I was voted “Higher Art Educator of the Year” by the Oregon Arts Education Association. It was an honor and a challenge to live up to the title.

Academic Credentials

M.F.A 1972 Stanford University, B.A. 1969 University of California at Berkeley

Personal Statement

“Every person has, within themselves, their own form of creative genius. Creativity is harnessing universality, and making it flow through your own eyes. Aiding and abetting this process is the ultimate art and craft of teaching.”

Areas of Expertise

Art Education; Arts, Culture & Creativity; Teaching Art to Adolescents; Curriculum & Inquiry; Visual Metaphors

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