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Counseling Psychology

Matthew David Lovell

Instructor/Clinical Coordinator

  • Copyright, Steve Hambuchen

Rogers Hall

Ethics, Addictions, Couples, Clinical Supervision, Self-as-Clinician

Personal Statement

As a clinician and clinical supervisor, my focus has continually moved in the direction of passing on my love for theory, bearing witness to moments of transformation in families, and continuous learning on to others. The opportunity to participate in the academic and professional development of students and interns at Lewis and Clark, from the first semester to the transition to practicum, through the placement and internship process is quite simply: thrilling. Like the clinical encounter, our meetings along the path of your maturation as a ‘becoming’ therapist moves and changes us, and we are both enriched. 

Areas of Expertise

Adolescent Development, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Trauma, Clinical Supervision

Current Research

The myth of the individual.


Neurosis: A Circle Too Small,” OAMFT Fall 2012 Newsletter

Academic Credentials

MA in Clinical Psychology, LMFT.