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Andraé Brown

Associate Professor

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Rogers Hall

Andraé Brown, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, co-director of Affinity Counseling Group (New Jersey), and board member for the Council on Contemporary Families. Dr. Brown earned his B.S. in psychology at Elizabeth City State University (North Carolina), his M.Ed. in school counseling at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, and his Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy at Seton Hall University (New Jersey).

Dr. Brown’s research agenda focuses on the development of treatment modalities that use the social ecology of families, schools and communities to address trauma, violence and substance abuse. Research and clinical interests also include resilience in street-life-oriented Black men, the psychosocial development of adolescents living in the urban context, liberation psychology and cultural competence in service provision. Dr. Brown holds several grants to develop and implement re-entry and restorative justice services for youth and families involved in the justice system.

Recently, Dr. Brown has worked in collaboration with Pastor Cliff Chappell of the St. Johns All Nations Church of God in Christ around domestic violence prevention as a response to the string of murder-suicides that occurred in Oregon from November 2009–January 2010. The total within those three months exceeded the average annual count of 18 DV-related deaths reported by the Department of Human Services. Their work to promote violence-free living by engaging communities of faith—with a focus on men, boys, and faith healers—is a culturally relevant prevention effort that addresses the intersections of oppression experienced by communities of color. Their work is connected to the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic Violence .


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Areas of Expertise

Liberation-oriented therapies, critical consciousness through education, African-American men, resiliency, and working with youth


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Academic Credentials

Ph.D. 2004 Seton Hall University, Ed.S. 2003, Seton Hall University, M.Ed. 1999, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, B.S. 1997, Elizabeth City State University

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