Matsya Siosal

Director, Center for Community Engagement

Matsya Siosal’s professional background includes 20 years in leadership roles with for-profit corporations, small and large, mission-driven consumer goods companies, and in higher education. Currently she directs the Center for Community Engagement at Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling.

Matsya was introduced to the work of Parker Palmer and Courage & Renewal when she joined Lewis & Clark in 2010. Participation in Courage programs have enabled Matsya to navigate the challenges that come with leadership with more clarity and resilience, as well as supported her in creating greater balance and wholeness within the personal and professional dimensions of her life.

As a facilitator, Matsya finds purpose and joy in holding space for people to do that very counter-cultural act of slowing down, practicing radical self-care, and tuning in to their own innate wisdom.