Grade 6 & 9, afternoons


Andra Stoll Carrick

Number of households

A single household with multiple children

Number of children


Grade level(s)

6, 9

Subject areas

Focus on organization, prioritizing, and follow-through. I believe the kids can do the work and understand the content, but need prompting. Some help with 6th grade math additionally, hand-writing, and if you have any ASL skills, that would be great! (9th grader starting ASL now)


2-3 days/week, 2-3 hours per day. not before noon.


Near Ida B Wells-Barnett (formerly Wilson) High School, and Burlingame Fred Meyers

Position Description

2 boys, one in 6th and one in 9th grade. Smart, thoughtful, lacking organization and focus to get it done. Also - COVID-induced malaise. 6th grader has been saying “I’m not good at math…” 9th grader has just started ASL and we are all interested in learning some! Single-mom working from home at a new, big job means I am not as available to help them - and I am DONE being the nagging task-master. Learning is done in the home, each boy has his own room, and can also use the shared living/dining room.

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Andra Stoll Carrick