Jenn Sosa Ramirez

Jenn Sosa Ramirez


Richmond, CA & México


Hispanic Studies/ Mathematics Minor


I was raised in Richmond, California and my family comes from Mexico where half of my family belongs to the Maya indigenous group located in the Yucatan peninsula. I am the first in my family to graduate high school and attend college. I aspire to bridge the gap between higher education and marginalized communities. After being at LC for a year, I realized that a lot of amazing things happen on college campuses; for example, research! When I did Early Research my freshman year, every time I worked in the lab, I remembered how my dad’s eyes shined when I taught him how the solar system works using the fruits that were sitting on our kitchen table. I would love to make research accessible in different ways through translations, videos, art, etc. After LC, I aspire to become a high school teacher and continue being that bridge.


Co-Leader of Native Student Union, Member of the Student Alumni Association, SAAB Tutor for Spanish


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