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Kindergarten: Japanese immersion

Number of households
Four families
Number of children
5 - 8
Grade level(s)
Subject Areas

Japanese language for K-level absolute beginning speakers
English language arts
Science and the natural world
Others TBD

As determined by PPS and the school site’s requirements for Fall 2020 online learning sessions and activities
lower NE and/or upper SE Portland
Position description

In-person teacher/guide for Kindergarten level Japanese immersion learning pod. We parents will be forming a learning pod with five to seven Kindergarten students enrolled in a Japanese immersion magnet school this fall and need a learning guide to be with the students for at least 20 hours each week in their assigned daily asynchronous on- and offline pedagogical activities and synchronous online conference sessions with teachers, and who can structure the students’ day according to both PPS/school site requirements and the students’ developmental and emotional needs as Kindergarten aged kids. Japanese live sessions will be conducted entirely in Japanese but are targeted at absolute beginner level speakers and so Japanese language ability is preferred but not essential — comfort with a second language learning setting is of course required and foreign/second-language teaching certification at develo pmental levels will get first preference. Duties are expected to be somewhere between those of a FT classroom teacher and a short term substitute teacher as all instructional planning and some live instruction will be handled by the on-site teachers but the learning pod guide will also be responsible for structuring the students’ time to best suit their specific needs. Portland Public Schools Fall 2020 online-only curricular format will be followed, and the teacher/guide’s primary duties will be to assist the students in using their technological tools, completing their assignments and activities and maintaining active participation in their live interactions with their teachers. This instructor will also need to be prepared to structure the students’ day in accordance with district and school site requirements for online learners and make sure there is a healthy balance of structured and unstructured time, plenty of opportunity for free form social interaction, meal and snack scheduling consistent with in-person Kindergarten classrooms in PPS, and of course COVID-safe sanitary practice, e.g., safe mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing. Applicants should demonstrate familiarity with principles of developmental education at the K-5 levels, and prior teaching experience in these grades will receive priority, student teaching included. Required hours have yet to be determined but will be certainly no less than 20 and almost certainly more. Please respond to Astrid or Nathan with relevant questions, qualifications, and any teaching or childcare resume and portfolio you may have, and we will respond immediately.

Salary rate, or range
Based on applicable qualifications
Contact Info
Nathan Keene