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K-12 Career and Licensing Services

Pre-K: 5 mornings/week

Number of households
A single household with one child
Number of children
Grade level(s)
Subject Areas

Pre-Kindergarten: With attention to our son’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Beginning levels of literacy and numeracy.

Ideally 8am-12pm Monday through Friday Following Portland Public School ’20-’21 calendar
NW Portland, Alphabet District
Position description

Seeking patient and outgoing early childhood educator to develop and execute a Pre-Kindergarten learning plan for our 4-year-old son. The program he was signed up for has changed due to Oregon Department of Education requirements as a result of the global pandemic. We are looking for a replacement that provides an enriching experience from home. Our wish is to create a positive learning experience with safety and flexibility to give him an exciting year of learning and growth. Our hope is that together we can build a program to engage our son in wondering, investigating, and developing academic skills to successfully transition to Kindergarten in Fall 2021.
Learning to take place in a private residence with a dedicated space for home school.
Willing to work together to create COVID-19 safety guidelines and procedures.

Salary rate, or range
$25-$50/hr or salary negotiable if preferred
Contact Info
Nisha Hall