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K-12 Career and Licensing Services

Grades 2,3,4: 4 days/week

Number of households
Three families
Number of children
Grade level(s)
2, 3, 4
Subject Areas

We are looking for a teacher to help facilitate online learning for our 5 kids. The goal is to take what is assigned to them, help them do it offline and provide assistance in the process. We’d also welcome supplemental activities in music, science or whatever the teacher’s passion is.

Monday-Thursday, 8:30-3:30pm. Academics in morning, supplemental and free play in afternoon. 45 minute lunch break where parent will watch kids.
NE Portland (Beverly Cleary school district)
Position description

Learning will take place in one of our homes. We plan to rotate each week but we are flexible. There are 3 2nd graders, 1 3rd grader, 1 4th grader. All girls. They are all friends and get along really well. We would like someone who can help them do their online work and make it fun and inspiring. All 3 households have two full-time working parents.

Salary rate, or range
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Jessica Green