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K-12 Career and Licensing Services

Grades 1,3,5: 5 days/week

Number of households
Three families
Number of children
Grade level(s)
1, 3, 5
Subject Areas

We will use PPS provided comprehensive distance learning curriculum. We are enrolled at our neighborhood school.

8:30-1:45p M-F, generally speaking
Maplewood neighborhood
Position description

We are looking for someone to guide the online learning of our kids using the school-provided distance learning curriculum. We have a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader at Maplewood Elementary in Southwest Portland. (We also have a 7th grader who independently manages her own schoolwork.) We are in discussion for 1-2 families to join our kids, in the same grade levels at the same school. The hours will be from 8:30ish-1:30ish (exact hours pending school schedule), Monday through Friday. We have a 70lb dog and no other pets. We are willing to offer a total of 8 additional hours, staying til 5:30pm on Monday and Tuesday (in which case some light household chores, like prepping ingredients for dinner, would be expected). The minimum is 25 hours, with potential for 33 total hours per week. We are considering pay of $22-35 per hour, depending on the number of kids and experience. We are hoping to find someone who is organized, can be silly or serious, values free play, art, and breaks for outside time. We expect that you will gently and firmly guide the kids to be engaged with their online teachers and classmates. (A sixth sense for knowing that kids are stealing YouTube time when they’re supposed to be working, is helpful). Must have own transportation. Must be willing to wear a mask indoors, and enforce kids to wear a mask if we do have other families learning with us. (Our kids are very good at wearing masks.) We are definitely risk averse as we have at-risk family in our pandemic “bubble”; covid rules will require discussion and agreement. Parents are divorced and friendly; one will be onsite working in an adjacent office. The other parent lives only a half mile away. We are happy to have you bring one child with you if needed.

Salary rate, or range
32/hr, negotiable
Contact Info
Rachele Gorsegner