Benazir Sardar

Benazir Sardar

Program / Year

Art Therapy ’21


San Francisco, CA

What led you to enroll at Lewis and Clark's Graduate School of Education and Counseling?

My husband and I applied to several institutions across the country, and when he was placed in OHSU’s medical residency program, I was delighted to accept an offer from Marylhurst University. A mentor of mine attended Marylhurst’s AT program before transitioning to teaching and his positive reflections encouraged my decision. Of course, the closure was a shock, but I’m so thankful for Lewis & Clark and I’m excited to be here.

Who or what inspired you to pursue your chosen field of study?

Like many other students in my position, Art Therapy was simply the right path. Art making has been a natural inclination since childhood, as has my love for people. Learning how to support others through the magic of creation is an honor!

What does social justice mean to you?

Social justice means advocating for the rights of others, which includes access, opportunity, and worth. It also means empowering vulnerable peoples with the tools to achieve their potential.

How do you hope to apply your social justice education in your chosen career?

The mental health field represents individuals who are often considered weak, incapable, or undeserving. The very nature of working with such individuals is political in itself. I find comfort in this realization, as I’ve often struggled to figure out how I can be more politically and socially active. Of course, simply being a part of the field isn’t the end game, and I look forward to learning more about how I can apply social justice to my practice.

Where have you been working/interning as a student, and what does that work entail?

I am a nanny who focuses on providing undivided care to children of all ages, and I encourage creative play and art making.