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Alumni Spotlight: Latisha Brown, MA

January 24, 2011

  • Latisha Brown, M.A. Counseling Psychology: Community Counseling

A Baby Boy, A Master’s Degree and a Job (in a Bad Economy)


The Beginning:
Starting graduate school and my time at L&C…


WOW! After two years and a term later, I finally did it. As I transition from being an intern to employment as a mental health therapist, it’s hard for me to believe that I accomplished my goals despite unplanned events that I encountered along the way.

I entered graduate school with fears around whether I would successfully reach my dreams. I wondered if I was making a mistake. Today I can say with confidence that I made the right choice. I realize all this was possible because of family support, excellent coursework and interaction with classmates and faculty. I was well prepared for my internship and for a position as a professional counselor.

As I reflect back on my time at LC, graduate school has not only elicited professional growth, but personal growth as well. Coming in with a narrow way of viewing things, I now leave with an expanded perspective on life, stronger sense of self and skills that will help me interact with clients more effectively. In addition, I have developed lifelong friendship with a diverse group of individuals. Most importantly, I have found my true calling and feel very blessed that I get to share this blessing with others. This is a great field to be in and I thank God, my family, LC and my site supervisor for all their support and for believing in me.


The Middle:
Starting a Family as I End my Graduate Studies…


Pregnancy while in graduate school was definitely unplanned. I was surprised! My partner and I were ecstatic about the news. However, I was beginning my practicum at Life Works NW and we wondered if I would be able to balance school, internship and being a mommy. Would I even be able to complete my graduate program?

Our baby boy was due in August. What would we do about childcare? How would my internship supervisor react when I told her the news. She was already hinting about hiring me and I wondered if my pregnancy would cause her to change her mind. Would I be able to balance a career and take care of a newborn baby? When I took three weeks maternity leave I failed to reach the goal of 120 hours of counseling clients during my first term of internship. I feared getting behind in hours might make completion of internship impossible. However, when I returned after three weeks maternity leave I put in extra hours at my internship site, even though it was though hard to be away from my son. At times I was exhausted. Whew!

I completed my internship and my degree with God’s support, with my parents taking care of baby Aamir while I was in classes and at internship,with the help of my internship supervisor and the support of my on-campus supervisor. As I began my new role as a mommy, it meant a lot to me to receive such genuine support, not only from my family and friends, but also from my professional colleagues.

Welcome, Aamir Marquis Stanback
Born August 25th, 2010,8:40 a.m.
6 lbs 12 ounces & 19.75 inches long


The End:

Graduating with a Job waiting for me…


Graduating with a new baby boy and a new Masters degree during a time when the economy isbad was formidable. Who would have thought I would have a job waiting for me? During my internship it was apparent that I have a strong will power, that I never give up and that I continually try to find new and creative ways to communicate with clients. I always work to collaborate effectively with clients. My supervisors loved my work and they liked ideas that I brought to the table.

One day they made me a job offer that I couldn’t resist.”Yes, I accept!”,I said. I jumped and screamed on the inside, as I tried to stay calm on the outside. I became overfilled with joy.I thanked God for my blessings and for those who helped me along the way. I close the door on my graduate studies and I open the door to my career as a professional counselor.

As I begin this new journey, not knowing what paths lie ahead for me, I cherish each moment of my life. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. I am blessed to have a beautiful baby boy and to be doing a job I love. In my work as a counselor, I witness pain but I also am privileged to see people’s growth, happiness and triumph. I find each day meaningful and satisfying.


Latisha Brown, MA Counseling Psychology; Community Counseling

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