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Early College Access Advocacy

June 03, 2009

Collaborating groups: Centennial Learning Center
Faculty contact: Andrae Brown, Mollie Galloway

The Early College Access Advocacy Project will address barriers faced by low income, first generation, minority, and other students who feel disconnected from the educational system by raising awareness about the feasibility and benefits of Running Start, Duel Enrollment, and Middle College. By creating youth led action research projects culminating in the development of interactive multimedia tools to engage students, families, teachers, counselors, administrators, legislators, and other elected officials in a conversation that leads to action, we will begin to address the issue of access to higher education/closing the achievement gap, and change the culture , climate, and rate at which underrepresented students are entering and succeeding in post-secondary education.

Read more about this project in the feature story Likely to Succeed.
Read more about Angela Nusom in the Oregonian here and here. Angela is a Lewis & Clark doctoral student who runs the Early College Access Advocacy Program.

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Andrae Brown

Teresa McDowell
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