June 21, 2024

L&C Law Student Ilona Hyett ’24 Presented with National Clinic Student Award

Lewis & Clark Law School student Ilona Hyett earns the prestigious CLEA Outstanding Clinic Student Award for her remarkable contributions and exceptional work at the Small Business Legal Clinic.

Lewis & Clark Law School student Ilona Hyett ’24 has been honored with the national Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) Outstanding Clinic Student Award for her exemplary work at the school’s Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC). Clinical Professor Susan Felstiner nominated Hyett in recognition of her three semesters of dedication to providing numerous clients with excellent legal services. By assisting clients who would not otherwise have access to legal services, she helped provide them with the economic stability that enables them to feed their families and contribute to the overall economic health of Oregon.

The CLEA Awards Committee annually solicits nominations from law schools across the nation for this prestigious award to recognize outstanding law students who have demonstrated excellence in their clinical work. The award criteria focus on the quality of the student’s performance in representing clients or engaging in advocacy projects, the depth of their reflection on legal and ethical issues, and their contributions to the legal community.

Ilona Hyett’s dedication and hard work at the SBLC have not only benefited individual clients and the broader community but have also set a high standard for clinical education at Lewis & Clark Law School. Her ability to navigate complex legal and ethical issues, unwavering dedication to her clients and provision of excellent representation, meaningful contributions during clinic seminars, and steadfast support of other clinic students were key factors in her receiving this award. Hyett has been an indispensable mentor to other clinic students, further demonstrating her leadership and commitment and contributing to the overall success of the SBLC Intern Program.

“Ilona’s dedication to her clients and the SBLC program was truly outstanding,” said Professor Susan Felstiner. “Over three semesters, she consistently went above and beyond, ensuring her work met clients’ goals. She drafted several contracts, aligned them with her clients’ visions, and mentored new students in essential skills. Despite her full-time work commitments, Ilona always volunteered to take on additional clients from our ever-growing waitlist, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to our program and the people we serve.”

Reflecting on the award, Ilona shared, “I was surprised and touched when Susan presented me with the award just two days before the commencement ceremony. It was incredibly meaningful not only because Susan nominated me but also because she made the effort to personally deliver the news. I am honored that she thought I deserved this recognition.”

Ilona Hyett’s recognition by CLEA is a testament to her hard work and dedication. It also reflects the quality of education and opportunities provided by Lewis & Clark Law School’s clinical programs. Congratulations to Ilona on her graduation, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Small Business Legal Clinic and its clients!