June 14, 2024

Fall 2024 Financial Aid Processing Steps

Financial aid should be accepted by July 1 for the Fall semester.


If you have received your 2024-25 financial aid award offer, please begin the financial aid processing steps online now. Follow the instructions below to ensure your aid is processed before the Fall semester begins!

Loan Processing Steps

  • Log into WebAdvisor and select the link for Financial Aid Self-Service.
  • Navigate to “My Awards” to view your 2024-25 financial aid offer.
  • Accept or decline your aid and loans by following the prompts on the screen.
  • View your “Financial Aid Checklist” in Self-Service for any additional requirements. (If you are a first-time borrower at Lewis & Clark, the checklist with list additional steps that must be completed at studentaid.gov.)
  • Loan funding will disburse to your student account one week before your Fall classes begin, but they are not available until the first day of your Fall classes.
  • Scholarships and grants will automatically apply to your student account and will be reflected on your Fall billing statement. No additional processing steps are needed.
  • Please accept all financial aid by July 1, to ensure the aid will be reflected as “pending” on your student account and your Fall billing statement. The Student & Departmental Account Services Office handles releasing the billing statements, making payments, and refund questions.

Monitoring Your Loan Status

After you complete all required steps, allow several business days for your loan request to be processed.

You can monitor loan status in Financial Aid Self-Service > My Awards. Click “View loan” to expand the loan section and then check the Status column. Upon submission, loan requests will either be marked as “In Review” (if you accepted a partial amount) or “Student Accepted” (if you accepted the full amount). When loan origination is complete, the status will change to “Accepted.”

Financial Aid Self-Service loan status examples