April 17, 2024

Property 014-G


Class Title: Property 014-B
Instructor:  T. Ebrahim
Test Date:  Scheduled, Friday April 26, 6:15pm, Room 2


No student may use or access any form of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology during a quiz, midterm, or final exam, unless expressly authorized by the professor teaching the class for which the exam is being taken.


Exam Type:   Secure

Secure: The exam-taker has no access to computer files or to the internet. Student will not be able to access E-Textbooks.

Availability of Exam Questions:

A paper copy of exam questions to be provided to students. Exam to be taken on campus ONLY.


Authorized Materials and Secondary Devices:

Closed book, note. There are no authorized materials or second secure devices allowed to use for the exam–it’s a closed exam

No secondary devices permitted during the exam. This includes but is not limited to: 2nd computer, phones, smart watches, headphones, electronic dictionaries or any other device that might be capable of connecting to the internet.