March 27, 2024

Remedies 120-A


Class Title: Remedies  120-A
Instructor:  T. Gomez-Arostegui
Test Date:  Unscheduled

No student may use or access any form of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology during a quiz, midterm, or final exam, unless expressly authorized by the professor teaching the class for which the exam is being taken.


Exam Type:   Secure

Secure: The exam-taker has no access to computer files or to the internet.


Availability of Exam Questions:

A paper copy of the exam questions to be provided to students. Exam to be taken on campus ONLY.


Authorized Materials and Secondary Devices:

You can only bring a hard copy of an outline or other notes that you prepared on your own or with someone else in our course. Nothing else. And no secondary devices, like smartphones, etc.


No secondary devices permitted during the exam This includes but is not limited to: 2nd computer, phones, smart watches, headphones, electronic dictionaries or any other device that might be capable of connecting to the internet.