February 15, 2024

Invitation to Reimage Lower Estate Gardens Cultivates Common Themes, Moves to Phase Two

Concept submissions spoke to the common theme of a community garden space. In the next phase of the planning process, the College will test the feasibility of design elements submitted by faculty, staff, and students. 

Last fall, the Lewis & Clark community was invited to submit concept designs to reimagine the lower Estate Gardens.

The invitation received a number of thoughtful submissions as well as questions, suggestions, and comments that highlighted the importance of this asset.

“Thank you again to all who dedicated their time and energies towards this first brainstorming phase,” Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations Andrea Dooley said. “Your engagement and effort is truly appreciated and your ideas have provided enormous inspiration to move this project ahead.”

From those who submitted concepts, and suggestions, two common themes were clear:

  1. Creation of a garden space, such as an “indigenous garden,” “native pollinator garden,” or “native, edible garden” and
  2. Creation of a community gathering space for social interaction via ideas ranging from building an interactive fountain/splash pad on the existing pool site, an amphitheater for performance in the lowest tier and student-centered recreation spaces such as outdoor game tables and living willow domes.

Three concept submissions, one each from faculty, staff, and students met the objectives requested and spoke to the two common themes that resonated from multiple submissions:

Gather, Play, Reflect, Grow

  • Submitted by Associate Professor of Art Jess Perlitz and Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities Kathy FitzGibbon on behalf of Arts@LC and the Native Scholar/Artist Residence Program.
  • Concept suggests an amphitheater, student-centered outdoor gathering space and indigenous garden.

Native Art and a Fresh Start

  • Submitted by Director of Donor Engagement Lauren Creany, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement Emily Decker, and Senior Associate Director of Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement Ginger Moshofsky.
  • Concept suggests an interactive fountain/splash pad on the site of the existing pool. This would be a hardscape and artistically designed space that could also be used for events with the water feature deactivated.

SEED Club Concept Design

  • Submitted by CAS SEED club members: Sylvia Barclay, Clover Sinning, Stella Allen, Fenley Lopez, Aspen Sollars, and Nate Berol.
  • Concept includes living willow domes, native pollinator garden, and frog pond.

The College plans to next engage with architectural professionals to test the feasibility of design elements from each of these three submissions. The three concept submission teams will be invited to provide feedback in this next phase of design.

For more information, please contact estategarden@lclark.edu.