February 13, 2024

CINETS and Border Criminologies “Crimmigration Through Time, Space, and Culture” Conference to be Held 3/1 and 3/2

The Crimmigration Through Time, Space, and Culture Conference, hosted by the law school, the Crimmigration Control International Scholars Network (CINETS) and Oxford-based Border Criminologies, brings global legal experts together to discuss crimmigration through examination of migration-control strategies in the Global North and South, the impact of colonialism, and comparison across nations, regions, disciplines, and political and theoretical dividing lines.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, leading experts in crimmigration from around the world will gather for “Crimmigration Through Time, Space, and Culture,” a two-day conference at Lewis & Clark Law School. The conference invites collaboration on new strategies for thinking about the intersection of criminal and immigration law, otherwise known as crimmigration.

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The conference aims to open new doors in the study of crimmigration, drawing more attention to migration-control strategies embedded in global north-south dynamics, to the role of colonialism, and to the connections between crimmigration and the marginalization and social control of communities along gendered, racialized, and religious lines.

Panelists include professors and experts from institutions around the globe, including Chile, India, Mexico, Spain, Israel, England, the Netherlands, Australia, and more. Panel topics include Crimmigration’s Hidden Harms; Colonial Legacies in Crimmigration; Politics, Rhetoric, and Strategy; Turning Detention Inside Out; Crimmigration in Historical Perspective; Evolution of Crimmigration; Examining the Crime/Migration Nexus; and more. A full list of panels and panelists can be found here.

Juliet Stumpf, Edmund O. Belsheim Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark, organized the conference with her co-hosts Professors Doris Marie Provine of Arizona State University and Maartje van der Woude of Leiden University. “Our call for papers elicited some of the most cutting edge ideas about the connections of crimmigration to its past and likely future, innovative methods to study crimmigration, and critiques of the crimmigration thesis,” said Stumpf. “Over the course of our two days, we anticipate revelations about the global reach of crimmigration and its impact on racialized communities, the unmasking of connections with colonialism, and illumination of new crimmigration geographies and new methodologies to study, understand, and challenge crimmigration.”

Professor Ahilan Arulanantham, Professor from Practice and Co-Director of the Center for Immigration Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law delivers the keynote address on March 2.

The Conference is sponsored by the University of Liverpool and Lewis & Clark Law School in collaboration with CINETS and Oxford-based Border Criminologies.

Registration is required to attend the conference. Attendees can access the full details and registration information on our website here.