January 05, 2024

Tree Removal Work at McAfee Jan. 5–10

There are three trees adjacent to McAfee that were recently identified as potentially hazardous. Specifically, a large Doug Fir by the HR office door, a large Oak adjacent to HR visitor parking, and a large Cedar outside of the West Conference room windows.

These trees all have critical defects identified by our arborist. The City agreed and the permits have been issued. 

The contractor is Citywide Tree Service, and they will be arriving with tree climbers and big chipper trucks to begin with, followed by a large crane as early as Friday, January 5. The crane is expected back on Wednesday, January 10 in this location as well. We have encouraged the contractor to move as swiftly as possible to minimize risk and complete the work prior to the start of spring semester.

Tree removal will be noisy, with ground controls and some access challenges in the area. Everyone will be able to get into McAfee safely, but a flagger may ask you to wait a moment as delimbing is performed.

The McAfee building includes the offices Advancement, Communications, Equity and Inclusion, Human Resources and Mail Services.