October 24, 2023

Alex Nash ’25 welcomes you to Watzek

This fall we’ve been delighted to feature the art of Alex Nash ’25 on the library’s lamp posts. Alex, a psychology major and art/art history minor from Pasadena, California, created Watzek’s first set of welcome banners, meant to welcome students to the library and campus at the start of the academic year. Alex’s design was inspired by their own experiences as a new student on campus…

About their design, Alex shared:

I wanted to include stars, because I have always found it extremely calming to look up at the sky and see the stars at night. During my first semester of college I was dealing with some extremely stressful things. Every once in a while I would remember to look up at the sky while I was walking and would feel at ease, either looking at the stars or some beautiful clouds.

The banners will remain up through the month of October, and you can collect a bookmark featuring Alex’s design at the service desk throughout the academic year.

Alex’s art can also be found in the MossyLog and on stickers from Moss Appreciation Week 2023.