September 25, 2023

Annual Notification & Policy Updates- Please Read

Guest Columnist: Ben Meoz w/ Jess Carron

Dear Students,
Each year at this time we provide you with (1) Annual Notifications, (2) Updated Institutional Policies, and (3) Reminders of Important Policies for your review and to stay informed. Thank you in advance for reviewing all sections carefully and understanding what is expected of you as a community member.
Annual Notifications:
First, the Annual Notification of the Student Code of Conduct and CAS College Policies. The purpose of the Code of Conduct at Lewis & Clark College is to establish clear expectations for behavior that fosters academic and communal integrity. We also encourage you to review the college’s Institutional Policies.
Second, our Annual Notification of Alcohol and Other Drug Information, compiled by the team in Health Promotions and Wellness. This notification is in line with our commitment to promoting the health and well-being of the entire college community. This notice contains information about alcohol and drug policy, treatment resources, health and legal consequences related to the use of various substances, and other related information to all community members.
Updated Institutional Policies:
Recently updated this year, please take the time to review these policies in particular:
A special thanks to the students and staff who served on committees to review both the Code of Conduct and various policies! Community feedback is vital in shaping how we want to see the Lewis & Clark community expectations grow and change to meet our community’s needs. If you are interested in serving on a committee to give feedback on the Code of Conduct or other policies, please email to be added to our feedback listserv.
  • For those of you who are living on campus this year, the Residential Handbook is also an important resource.
  • And for ALL students: for bias, Title IX, policy violations, or student welfare within our community, please report a concern here.
As we wrap up the first month of classes and students are settling into the new academic year, we in the Division of Student Life hope that these notifications and reminders will assist you in being a more informed student in our academic community. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
Ben & Jess
Benjamin C. Meoz, PhD
Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Senior Associate Dean of Students
Jessica Carron
Assistant Dean for Campus Life and Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities