August 28, 2023

Employee Comings and Goings

Several people have joined our community recently, some continuing employees have taken on new roles and responsibilities at Lewis & Clark, and a few said a fond farewell.

Lewis & Clark welcomes these employees into new positions or new roles:

Lara Elliott, circulation and resource sharing specialist; Boley Law Library; Devin Fitzpatrick, visiting assistant professor, CAS Core Curriculum; Matt Fox, visiting professor, College of Arts and Sciences; Andrew Fry, assistant professor; Mathematics; Jean-Philippe Gourdine, assistant professor, Chemistry; Stephanie Grayce, staff attorney, Criminal Justice Reform Clinic; Heidi Judge, director, Law School Events; Heidi Liere-Ardon, assistant professor, Biology; Joe LoCascio, assistant goalie soccer coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Benjamin Mann, visiting professor, Rhetoric and Media Studies; Suhaila Meera, assistant professor, Theatre; Tiffany Mills, visiting professor and director of dance, Theatre; Anna Miromanova, assistant professor, Economics; Haley Nicholson, legal fellow, Earthrise Law Center; Jesse Niebaum, visiting professor, Psychology; Ben Olsen, assistant professor, Physics; Lauren Thompson, visiting instructor, Psychology; Nicole Seisler, assistant professor, Art; Nanwei Su, administrative assistant, Legal Clinic; Keiko Ueda, visiting instructor, World Languages and Literatures; Jill Vacanti, assistant women’s lacrosse coach; Physical Education and Athletics; and Xiang Li, visiting professor, Economics.

Lewis & Clark wishes these employees good luck on their next adventure:

Gerald Cruez, director, Law Computing Services; and Yoshiko Reynolds, lecturer in Japanese, World Languages and Literatures;

This list of employees is provided by the Office of Human Resources, and published quarterly in The Source. Please direct inquiries to