July 27, 2023

Lewis & Clark Law School Announces 2022-23 Outstanding Mentor and Mentee

Lewis & Clark Law School recognized an exceptional mentor and mentee in its 2022-23 mentorship program, honoring Victoria Brandao as Outstanding Mentee and Anna Laird as Outstanding Mentor, highlighting the positive impact of mentorship on students’ legal education and personal growth.

Lewis & Clark Law School recently named the exceptional mentor and mentee who participated in the 2022-23 mentorship program for incoming 1Ls. The program pairs all 1L students with alumni attorney mentors from the Oregon legal community, providing valuable guidance and support throughout their legal education. Each year, the program recognizes an exceptional mentor and mentee chosen from nominations made by students and alumni attorney mentors.

Victoria Brandao ’25 was honored as the recipient of the Outstanding Mentee Award. Victoria’s mentor, Silvia Tanner ’15, spoke highly of her mentee’s proactive approach to her law school journey. Silvia praised Victoria’s organizational skills and willingness to seek assistance and guidance from her mentor and the school. She stated that “Victoria’s grounding in her culture is powerful. She is very centered on her family, her roots, and her story. I find that really inspiring…She is an inspiration to me, and she will be a fantastic and wholesome attorney when the time comes.”

The Andrea Swanner Redding Outstanding Mentor Award, named after one of the founders of the Law School’s mentor program, was presented to Anna Laird ’21. Anna’s mentee, Lane Kadish ’25, expressed gratitude for Anna’s continuous support and guidance throughout their first year. Anna’s advice on academic matters and career decisions has proved invaluable to Lane. Lane acknowledged that Anna “has also been extremely helpful in navigating the social aspect of law school, particularly my tendency to compare myself with my peers, and has alleviated a lot of my anxiety surrounding finals, class rankings, and research assistant positions. I can tell that Anna genuinely cares about my law school experience, and I am very thankful to have had her as a mentor.”

The Mentor/Mentee Awards recognize the profound impact of mentorship on law students’ personal and professional development. By pairing them with experienced alumni mentors, Lewis & Clark Law School fosters a supportive environment that enables students to navigate their legal education successfully. The dedication and commitment of mentors like Silvia Tanner and Anna Laird exemplify the spirit of the program and the positive influence it has on shaping the legal profession’s future.