May 09, 2023

Karli Uwaine: 2023 Diehl Fellow Working with the Western Enivornmental Law Center

Karli Uwaine (’24) was selected as one of two 2023 Lewis & Clark Diehl Fellows.

Karli dreamed of going to Lewis & Clark Law School specifically for its environmental law program. Her passion for the environment, in particular protecting wildlife and raising awareness of environmental justice issues, stems from being born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. Growing up on an island that is known as the extinction capital of the world and in which indigenous Kānaka Maoli have a familial relationship with the land, inspired her to go to law school to advocate for a better life for all, both humans and non-humans.

Before Lewis & Clark Law, Karli went to Lewis & Clark College where she studied environmental studies and English literature. While in law school, Karli has served on the Executive Board for the Animal Legal Defense Fund Student Chapter for all 3 years, and has also been involved in the Global Law Alliance Clinic. Karli is incredibly grateful for the Diehl Fellowship and the opportunity it has given her to do the exact type of work that she came to law school to do. She believes that compassion and empathy for all is what the future of this planet is dependent on, and she is looking forward to perpetuating this during her fellowship. She looks forward to giving back to her second home here in the Pacific Northwest at the Western Environmental Law Center.

Trisha Sharma (’24) has been selected as the other Diehl Fellow for 2023.