November 03, 2022

Lewis & Clark Has Oregon’s Highest Bar Pass Rate

84% of Lewis & Clark’s 118 graduates passed the 2022 Oregon July Bar Exam on their first try, compared to the statewide average of 78%.

Lewis & Clark’s newest 118 graduates reached an impressive 84% first time pass rate for the 2022 Oregon Bar Exam last July. Performance was 6% higher than the statewide average (78%), making Lewis & Clark the highest performing school in Oregon for July Bar passage. 15 graduates also took Washington’s July Bar exam, maintaining an 80% first time pass rate, just above the state’s 79% July average.

The margin of success on the Oregon Bar Exam is particularly impressive since Lewis & Clark is the largest school in the state and the statewide average usually mirrors the school’s pass rate. Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Libby Davis, attributes some of this success to Lewis & Clark’s popular bar prep course. “We have our course, Advanced Analysis in Pre-Bar Skills course, taught by Sandy Patrick since 2016. A significant number of students take the course and I’m confident it has been beneficial to grads.” But Davis looks foremost at the resilience of last year’s graduating class. “We are very proud of our graduates, especially since this group of first-time takers were directly impacted by covid during virtually all of their law school experience.” Through zoom classes and pandemic lockdowns, the class of ’22 met their challenges head on and continued to prove themselves in class and on the bar exam.