October 04, 2022

Call for Art - LC’s production of “RENT”

Call For Art

“The opposite of war isn’t peace… it’s creation.” - Jonathan Larson

For this semester’s fall production “Rent” by Jonathan Larson, we are looking for visual art to display in the set and theater lobby that is inspired by the quotes above.

In the process of making this show, we are reflecting on how when people come together in community, there is love, creativity, and resilience, even in desperate and trying times. In celebration of that, we extend this invitation outside of the theatre department to anyone who wants to engage in this collaboration. All kinds of artists, mediums of work, and levels of experience are welcome!

Please bring in your work to Fir Acres Theatre by October 15th, and remember to join us for the mural painting on Sunday, October 9th, 5-7pm!

*If you are interested in something more along the lines of live performance, consider reaching out to the cultural consultant at reyesezri@gmail.com to see if it may work for the post-show party after the BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Affinity Showing on Sunday, October 30th.

Link to some examples of art from the time period the musical takes place, featuring posters made by protesters and Gran Fury, the AIDS activist artist collective from New York City.