September 14, 2022

One Act Festival 2022



Student-Written, Student-Directed

PERFORMANCES - Fir Acres Theater - Black Box
  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Sept 29 & 30, Oct 1 at 7:30pm

Smokey Bear’s Worst Nightmare

by Wy DeShong
Directed by Skylar Vayda

The story of a family caught between disasters that threaten them from two sides. A decade’s long marriage is on the brink of collapse and a raging (and smokey) wildfire is steadily encroaching on their increasingly permeable home. However, with the family drama comes a throughline of comedy, with the final (and furry) punchline arriving at the show’s conclusion.

The Great Confluence
by Johnny Nieters
Directed by Nathan DeStigter

Not all camping trips are as eventful as others. Sometimes you just get to sit around the campfire, sing songs, roast s’mores, and enjoy the great outdoors. Other times you end up face to face with a mysterious figure looking to recruit you and your friends to join the ranks of an ancient religion that gathers in the woods on the night of the new moon and worships The Black Stag Who Has No Name. You just never know!

by Mark Harvey Lavine
Directed by Nathaniel Panitch-Daughton

Whitney really needs to break up with Peter. But things aren’t going entirely to plan. A comedy about relationships, hatred, precognition, and why we all need a little surprise in our lives.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online. A $1 per ticket fee will be applied. To avoid additional fees, you may purchase (cash only) at our box office, Monday-Friday, 1-5pm, beginning September 26. Phone reservations for non-campus ticket purchasers only (503-768-7491) Monday-Thursday 1-5pm. Seating is limited – get your tickets early. $5 General Admission & Faculty, Staff Alumni, $3 LC Students, Faculty and Staff.