June 27, 2022

ONE L&C Welcomes Co-Chair Team Christine Liu and Jimmy Chau

The ONE L&C Employee Engagement Committee’s mission is to help make Lewis & Clark the best place to work by providing inclusive opportunities for our community to engage, learn, and foster wellness. All are welcome to attend a meeting, propose an idea, and join!

Image of Jimmy Chau and his family. Image of Jimmy Chau and his family.The ONE L&C employee engagement committee happily welcomes incoming committee co-chair team of Christine Liu and Jimmy Chau. Jimmy and Christine will move into these roles on July 1, and current chair Rachel Greben will transition out of the chair role at that time.

Both Christine and Jimmy have served on the ONE L&C steering committee for more than two years, and have been instrumental in driving health and wellness programming such as Wellness Wednesdays, the L&C Olympics, March Madness, Hike the Hill, and Field Day. 

“Rachel’s leadership during the past 2+ years has been exceptional, especially considering our first meeting was on March 5, 2020,” Christine Liu said. The fact that we’ve been able to connect with people during COVID shows the strength of our community. Jimmy and I are excited to keep that momentum going and look forward to reaching more people in the coming year.” 

Image of Christine Liu and her family. Image of Christine Liu and her family.“The incoming co-chairs bring a focus and energy that will take ONE L&C to the next level with the goal that all employees consider L&C an inclusive best place to work,” Rachel Greben said. “I’m thrilled that Christine and Jimmy are stepping up to chair this committee. They are committed to a thriving L&C community!”

Features of the new committee include:

  • Focus on L&C as a best place to work
  • Create new and preserve favorite traditions
  • Streamline committee structure
  • Updated website

Stay tuned for the revival of the summer L&C Olympics with an awards ceremony that will take place at a summer BBQ on August 2.

If you haven’t already signed up, please join the ONE L&C Community Forum Listserv to share your ideas for employee fun, events, and personal and professional development opportunities.