March 28, 2022

Alumna to Bring Therapeutic Letter Writing Project to Underserved Communities

Luna, The Letter Bus, developed by Holly Roland ’12, is on a mission to hit the road this summer!
  • Luna, the Letter Bus

Holly Roland ’12 is a therapist in Quilcene, Washington—a rural little town on the Olympic Peninsula—who is currently working on an innovative new project to bring a therapeutic letter-writing opportunity to underserved communities in Washington and Oregon in the form of Luna, The Letter Bus.

“My hope is that the bus can travel to underserved communities to help folks experience expressive letter writing in an accessible way,” explains Roland. “Letters give us permission to share true, yet often silenced thoughts and feelings, and help us to more authentically connect with ourselves and others. Letter writing is a tool for meaning-making, reframing life’s challenges and improving emotional and psychological health.”

According to the website, Luna, The Letter Bus, is on a mission to hit the road this summer as a mobile space where underserved populations—in particular, women, children, the elderly, people of color, indigenous people, and those who struggle with homelessness and socioeconomic barriers—can give voice to their heart-centered stories and harness the benefits of letter writing.

Help Luna get started!

More information about Luna, including what she will offer and how you can support this effort, is available on Roland’s webpage.